Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tubby Trojan Margarita Recipe

LenDale White and Mike Williams, both current Seahawks and former USC Trojan players, have received as much press for their weight issues as for their play.

LenDale dropped close to forty pounds last year by cutting out Patron tequila.
"I really got to be honest,'' White said. "It wasn't a lot of major diet changes. [It was] watching what I drink. I was a big Patron consumer. ... That's what it was. I was drinking a lot, drank a lot, of alcohol. I cut that out of my diet all the way. I don't drink at all. The weight started falling off.''

Prior to joining the Seahawks this year, Mike Williams dropped 35lbs by cutting out champagne and late night steaks and pasta (listen to interview).

There weight loss will improve their play, something Seahawks fans are looking forward to. When you make millions to play football, the least you can do is make the sacrifices necessary to be successful.

But for Seahawks fans, alcohol is nothing to give up. It's a necessary coping mechanism to deal with all the disappointing play. Cold beer always goes with football, but sometimes you have to supplement the self-medicating with a nice cocktail. That's why I invented the Tubby Trojan Margarita.

Tubby Trojan Margarita Recipe

- 2 ounces Patron Silver Tequila
- 2 ounces lime juice
- 1/2 ounce orange liquor (Cointreau, Grand Marnier, or Triple Sec).
- 3 ounces champagne or sparkling wine

Shake tequila, lime juice and orange liquor with ice in shaker. Pour into a pint glass filled with ice. Top with champagne.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Real Reason Griffey Wasn't Available to Bat

Now that Ken Griffey's NapGate scandal has died down, I thought I'd be untimely and chime in.

I believe Griffey was napping during the game, but like he said, he wasn't asleep in the 7th inning. My theory is that he was asleep in the 6th and a few other players played a prank on him. While he was snoring away, dreaming of cheeseburgers, a few of the younger players put his hand in warm water and then The Greatest Player in Mariner History wet himself. When he awoke he went to change and clean himself up and that's when Wakamatsu called for him to bat.

Everyone seems to like the stories from years past of Griffey waking from a nap to bat, stumbling out to the plate with his shoes untied, and blasting a home run. It's just not the same watching a bloated Griffey hobble out of the dugout with a wet stain on his crotch, stunbling to the plate to pop out and end the inning.

A lot of the blame, and Mike Sweeney's wrath, was directed at the two young players who ratted Griffey out to the Tacoma News Tribune. I agree it's probably something that should have been handled in the clubhouse. I think when the Mariners to took the field, they should have quietly and gently picked up the recliner Griffey was asleep in, and carried it out to left field. Eventually the crowd noise would have roused him, Griffey would be exposed, and the team wouldn't have to delude themselves that the whole thing was made up by Larry LaRue. Plus, Griffey loves a prank and everybody loves that scene in Major League when Wesley Snipes gets cut and wakes up in his bed outside the field.

The big question remaining is what the future holds for Griffey. Will he retire? Will he be cut? Will he take an at bat in his pajamas? What about the future promotional nights involving Griffey?

Due to his lack of production, his season on the roster needs to end. It seems like he could use the rest and serious Mariner fans are tired of watching him pop up to end innings. But we all know Griffey is on this team to sell tickets, not hit home runs. The Mariners need to use this to their economic advantage. How about a Mariner Snuggie promotion night? Or maybe a Griffey Nap Night, where fans can bring blankets and pillows and sleep through a game with Griffey in the upper deck. Griffey Pajama Night? The possibilities are endless.

Perhaps, Griffey could participate in a sleep study, but at Safeco field. He could be enclosed in a glass room, given warm milk and his favorite teddy bear, and fans could gather to watch him sleep. He's the greatest Mariner of all time and most M's fans can't let go, regardless of the damage he does to the team. They don't mind watching him snooze at the plate, but maybe they'd be just as happy watching him snooze in the stands. It could be a win-win.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ken Griffey Jr. Naps During Games

According to an article in the Tacoma News Tribune, Ken Griffey Jr. was asleep in the clubhouse during a recent game when he was needed to pinch hit. Shannon Drayer of followed up with an article stating  this is nothing new, that the team has no problem with it, and if they needed him to bat they could have woken him up.

There has been a lot of media attention of late focusing on what needs to be done to awaken the Mariners' bats. I had no idea we'd need to worry about also waking Mariner batters.

I recognize Griffey is not a bus driver or a security guard, but isn't sleeping on the job frowned up on in any profession? With most baseball analysts outside the 206 area code saying that Griffey is finished, what's the Mariners' reasoning for keeping him on the roster? If it's his presence in the clubhouse, how come he's not conscious? If it's because they need a left handed DH, then isn't there anyone in triple-A who can hit over 200, run the bases, and remain awake during games?

Maybe he's only here to sell tickets, but even with the Griffey bobble head nights, attendance has been dismal this year. Perhaps it's not too late though. The Mariners can draw fans by holding a new promotional event at Safeco: Ken Griffey Jr. Snuggie & Nap Night. The sight of 20,000 fans bundled up in their snuggies and snoring loudly will be the catalyst for waking the M's bats. At the least, it cause somebody on the team to wake Griffey from his nap in the clubhouse.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Uh... Is Mike Martz the New Offensive Coordinator?

We all recall the debacle of 2008 and the injuries we had at wide receiver. I know we lost Nate Burleson to free agency and I appreciate competition as much as Pete Carroll. However,  how many receivers do we need? Mike Martz is not our offensive coordinator.

There seems to be a lot of overlap here in terms of skill set and unless we plan to change the rules and put four gunners on the punt team, many of these guys won't be on the roster come September (related article).

Here's a list of the receivers we currently have on the roster...

T.J. Houshmandzadeh
6'2" 203lbs - Oregon State - 32-years-old
Housh is a great possession receiver and a fiery competitor. His production declined last year. Some point to his age, but he also played in an anemic offense devoid of any playmakers to stretch the field. He recently had surgery for a sports hernia and if he returns to full strength he should return to form since the offense should have more weapons and an improved line. While his contract is huge, he is a favorite of Seahawk fans, a fierce competitor, sure handed, and a quote machine.

Deion Branch
5'9" 195lbs - Louisville -- 30-years-old
A former Super Bowl MVP, coming off yet another knee surgery, Branch has never performed as a Seahawk. He has battled injuries and is making a ton of coin. There were trade rumors before the draft, but teams may be waiting for the Seahawks to simply cut him. Has he been deemed unnecessary now that Seattle has Golden Tate?

Deon Butler
5'10, 182 lbs - Penn State -- 24-years-old
Last year's 3rd round pick, Butler may be the fastest guy on the team, but does he have the lateral quickness to be anything more then a deep threat? He's the all-time leading receiver at Penn State, breaking many of Bobby Engram's records. Coach Pete Carroll likes bigger receivers and some question whether Butler has a future with the team (article). Fans love his speed and the Seahawks did a lot to move up in the draft last year to pick him. He's on the bubble though.

Mike Williams
6'5" 235lbs - USC - 25-years-old
A former first round pick by the Detroit Lions. Williams is considered a huge bust and was out of the league the last two years. His weight ballooned to 270lbs, but he's given up the champagne and the late night steaks and pasta. He recently rededicated himself to football and worked to get himself into playing shape. After the recent mini camp, everyone (except Danny O'Neil) was singing his praises (article). On his weekly radio show, John Clayton predicted Williams would be the Seahawks #3 receiver next year.

Reggie Williams
6'4 218lbs - Washington - 26-years-old 
Much like Mike Williams, Reggie was a highly touted 1st rounder who never lived up to the hype in the NFL. Various off field issues and an arrest for cocaine possession put him out of the league last year. He's trying to make a comeback with the Seahawks, but has struggled in mini camp. Still, he has all the physical tools if he can only get his act together and return to form.

Patrick Carter
6'3" 197 lbs - Louisville - 25-years-old
He's a longshot.

Mike Hass
6'1" 210lbs - Oregon State - 27-years-old
Despite spending most of his career on various practice squads, Hass remains on the roster. He's a long shot to make the team, but it hasn't stopped him before. He doesn't have elite speed, but he has great hands and won the Biletinikoff Award as a senior at Oregon State.

Michael Jones
6'3 221lbs - Arizona State - 23-years-old
Undrafted out of college in 2009, Jones has ideal size, but was inconsistent in college.

Martin Ruvell
6'4" 220 lbs - Saginaw Valley State - 27-years-old
Ruvell's statistics have declined in each of his four years in the league. He played for Green Bay his first three years, so GM John Schneider knows him well. He has ideal size, but so do a lot of other players on the roster.

Sean Morey
5'11" 195lbs - Brown - 34-years-old
Picked up in free agency from Arizona, Morey is a pro-bowl special teams player, but has never contributed much as a receiver. Given his age, he'll have to really out-perform some of the younger players if he's going to make the team.

Ben Obomanu
6'1" 204lbs - Auburn - 26-years-old
A regular on special teams, Obomanu has yet to contribute much in the receiving game. He's in his 5th year, and could be a casualty of a deep roster.

Golden Tate
5'10" 202lbs - Notre Dame - 21-years-old - Rookie

Field Gulls did a great article on Tate. The rookie had a great mini camp and had everyone turning their heads at his pass catching and big play ability. He needs to improve his route running, but Tate looks like a star in the making. His arrival could mean the end of the Deion Branch era.

Chris Duvalt-
5'10 173lbs - Illinois - 22-years-old --Rookie
A converted cornerback in college, Duvalt played beside heralded Illinois receiver Arrelious Benn. He didn't put up big numbers in college, but he showed up big in key games.  Undrafted out of college, Duvalt signed 3-year contract after trying out with the Hawks.

Victor James
6'1" 204lbs - New Mexico - 22-years-old - Rookie
And undrafted rookie free agent, Victor played both quarterback and receiver in college. A former walk-on, Victor excelled in special teams play.

Jameson Konz
6'3" 234lbs - Kent State - Rookie
In college, he played linebacker, tight end, fullback, H-back, and wide receiver. While he sort of looks like Tanya Harding, it's not clear whether he has her nasty streak. Konz is an athletic freak who runs a 4.4 forty yard dash and has a 46-inch vertical leap. He could become a special teams guy, and with his vertical leap, he might be clutch in blocking field goals (article).

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Best of Rest

DeMarcus Granger -- 6'2 1/2" 315lbs -- Defensive Tackle -- Oklahoma

His name might not sound familiar to Seattle fans, but check out this YouTube clip and you might remember him for his cheap shot against U.W. and then how he went down with an injury while getting triple teamed by some angry Husky lineman. had him ranked the 33rd best defensive tackle in the draft. He played beside the 3rd pick in the draft, defensive tackle Gerald McCoy so perhaps scouts overestimated how much McCoy made things easier for Granger. Or maybe McCoy made him look good.

Quintin Hancock -- 6'3" 207lbs -- Wide Receiver -- Tennessee

While not very productive at Tennessee (video link), Hancock has the size Coach Carroll covets in receivers. His agent claims his lack of production was due to three different head coaches and inconsistent play at quarterback. I don't know if his agent has the familiarity with Quintin to say that seeing as he misspelled Quintin's name on his agency's website. With the number of receivers currently on Seattle's roster, the  Tennessee receiver is long shot to make the team.

Will Harris -- 6'1" 200lbs -- Free Safety -- USC
Harris portrays himself as a tough player, but didn't always back it up in his tackles and hitting. He's athletic, but suffered with some injuries. He did well at the USC pro day, but it's unclear how he'll be as a pro.

One question is how he'll respond to going undrafted by Coach Carroll. Obviously, Carroll thought more of other safeties they took in the draft--Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor.Will he appreciate the opportunity, or will he be ticked off about not being drafted like fellow-USC safety Taylor Mays.

(Video link)

Adrian Martinez -- 6'3" 318 lbs -- Center/Guard -- Colorado State
His college coaches once described him as the "nastiest" offensive lineman on the team. I don't know if that describes his playing style or hygiene, but I certainly hope it relates to his football tenacity. That nastiness hasn't kept him from volunteering to help various children's charities. Martinez is supposed to be a strong run blocker who started a ton of games in college.

Joe Pawelek -- 6'2" 240lbs -- Linebacker -- Baylor

Pawelek posted nine career interceptions, including two courtesy of Texas' Colt McCoy. It's all on his highlight film.

In addition to his pass coverage skills, Pawelek was a four-year starter and and Academic All-American (article). While not highly touted, he possesses a high motor and could contribute to an NFL team. If I were Joe Pawelek, I'd be writing letters to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, urging him to suspend Leroy Hill to open up another roster spot for me.

Jacob Phillips -- 6'6" 300lbs -- Tackle -- Belhaven 
Even though Jacob Phillips played for a small school in Mississippi, I don't think it's so small that it should be impossible to find a photo of the guy online. Yet, when you google his name and college this is what comes up. And if this is really him, it's a shrewd move by the Seahawks. This guy could be the second coming of Robbie Tobeck... unless he's butchered, grilled and eaten by Russell Okung.

Josh Pinkard -- 6'1" 217lbs -- Cornerback -- USC
Pinkard missed two years in college with torn ACLs, something he's done three times. He had a sub-par senior season, but at 6'1" and 217 lbs, he has the size NFL teams covet in a corner. Injuries hurt his draft stock and so did his one reckless driving charge. His favorite musician is Lil' Wayne.... that's relevant, right?

(related article)

Robert Rose -- 6'5" 295lbs -- Defensive Tackle -- Ohio State University
Rose entered Ohio State with big expectations, but his career there was plagued by injuries, inconsistent play, academic issues, and violations of team rules. He's hoping  things go better at the next level. Athletically, he has all the tools, but if things don't work out with Hawks, I'm sure he can find work as a doorman at any Pioneer Square bar.

(related Seattle P.I. article)