Monday, May 10, 2010

Ken Griffey Jr. Naps During Games

According to an article in the Tacoma News Tribune, Ken Griffey Jr. was asleep in the clubhouse during a recent game when he was needed to pinch hit. Shannon Drayer of followed up with an article stating  this is nothing new, that the team has no problem with it, and if they needed him to bat they could have woken him up.

There has been a lot of media attention of late focusing on what needs to be done to awaken the Mariners' bats. I had no idea we'd need to worry about also waking Mariner batters.

I recognize Griffey is not a bus driver or a security guard, but isn't sleeping on the job frowned up on in any profession? With most baseball analysts outside the 206 area code saying that Griffey is finished, what's the Mariners' reasoning for keeping him on the roster? If it's his presence in the clubhouse, how come he's not conscious? If it's because they need a left handed DH, then isn't there anyone in triple-A who can hit over 200, run the bases, and remain awake during games?

Maybe he's only here to sell tickets, but even with the Griffey bobble head nights, attendance has been dismal this year. Perhaps it's not too late though. The Mariners can draw fans by holding a new promotional event at Safeco: Ken Griffey Jr. Snuggie & Nap Night. The sight of 20,000 fans bundled up in their snuggies and snoring loudly will be the catalyst for waking the M's bats. At the least, it cause somebody on the team to wake Griffey from his nap in the clubhouse.

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  1. Griffey could have broken a 3-3 tie in the 8th inning on May 8th. Instead, he took a nap.

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