Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Seahawks New Contrast In Style

There are some stark contrasts between veteran quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and the newly acquired Charlie Whitehurst: Primarily experience and hair.

Whitehurst didn't come cheap ($10million over two years). The Seahawks also swapped 2nd round picks with the Chargers (40th for 60th overall), and gave up next year's third round pick for the former Clemson star.

Whitehurst is a big question mark. He has yet to play in a regular season game, but has shown promise during his preseason outings. He was certainly a star at Clemson (YouTube footage) and it warranted him a 3rd round pick by the Chargers in the 2006 draft. The Hawks must think he's the heir-apparent for Hasselbeck and better than anyone they'll get in this year's draft.

Whitehurst, and his flowing mane, will eventually end the Seahawks recent string of bald quarterbacks (Trent Dilfer/Hassselbeck). It also erases the possibility of drafting Jimmy Clausen, a prospect whose own hairline is in steady retreat. Let's hope the rookie hazing includes a buzz cut for Whitehurst. That hair may work on the beach in San Diego, but I don't want to hear moronic commentators using his long hair to frequently reference our city's grunge history.

His hairstyle makes him appear as the second coming of Jesus. Let's just hope it's not the second coming of Rick Mirer.

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